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Paul Willems of New Ulm, MN
Paul is the winner of the 2007 HYMNWRITERCHALLENGE contest. His
challenge: write a hymn that teaches two contrasting truths that
- even the "smallest" false doctrine is a great danger to a person's faith
- even churches that tolerate plenty of false doctrine can bring people to
    saving faith through the gospel of Christ.

Paul's winning hymn:

O Lord, protect and keep me from error's evil way.
Do not allow false doctrine to lead my soul astray.
For when my pathway takes me into temptation's hall,
My footsteps may mislead me to stay and join and fall.
And then what seemed a trifle becomes a stumbling stone.
A single falsehood hurts me and I am left alone.

Yet, Lord, your grace suffices. It finds your holy throng.
Your gospel works though hidden by teachings that are wrong.
The Holy Spirit works deep within the hearts of all:
With baptism and scripture, you save both great and small.
We thank you for your gospel. We bless you for your grace
That finds and saves your sheep, Lord, here and in ev'ry place.