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Norval Kock of Saginaw, Michigan
Kent is the winner of the 2013 HYMNWRITERCHALLENGE contest. His
challenge: write a hymn text based on the role of the Christian father as spiritual
leader in his home.

Norval's winning hymn:

A father's prayer is to the One
Who also prayed as God's own Son
With troubled heart, yet ready still
To follow all his Father's will.

A father's prayer is for his own
That they reflect the love they're shown
Their tender hearts, in search of place
Find comfort in their Father's face.

A father's prayer is for himself
A humble plea for needed help
His sinful heart, redeemed in love
Finds strength and wisdom from above.

A father's prayer has honesty
He knows not ev'ry remedy
A heart that feels the pressures rise
Lifts up his burden to the skies.

A father's prayer is filled with joy
The Lord has led him since a boy
The heart that knows the path is right
Walks further down in pure delight.

A father's prayer is filled with praise
As blessings come throughout his days
The heart of him who leads the home
Remembers that he's not alone.

A father's prayer is hand in hand
With those who near and dear him stand
Their hearts as one come to their Lord
And find their guidance in his Word.

We pray for fathers one and all
That they fulfill their precious call
Our hearts go out to them in love
Until they live at home above!