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Jayne Nitz of Sanford MI
Jayne is the winner of the 2009 HYMNWRITERCHALLENGE contest. Her
challenge: write a hymn based on either of the two parables in Matthew 21.
- the parable of the two sons (Mt 21:28-32)
- the parable of the tenants (Mt 21:33-46)

Jayne chose the parable of the two sons. Jayne's winning hymn:

I'll tell you a story first spoken by Christ
With heavenly meaning for my earthly life:
A simple request from the father of two,
"There's work in the vineyard I need you to do."

The first son refused him and wandered away.
In thoughtless abandon he wasted the day,
But then changed his mind and admitted his wrong,
And went to the vineyard when shadows were long.

"I'm happy to serve you," the other son said
To one who had kept him safe, sheltered and fed,
But hearts can be false and it's plain that he lied.
He passed by the vineyard, his father denied.

Create in me, Jesus, a genuine thirst
To speak like the second and act like the first.
With lips that sing honor and words that ring true,
May I live in faithful devotion to you.